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Provide Free Online Mental Health Counselling by Psychiatrists and Psychologists
The Suranaree University of Technology (SUT) collaborates with the Wall of Sharing Project (WoS) provide online mental health counselling to governmental university students. Mental health counselling services provided by psychiatrists and psychologists. The objectives are to promote healthy mental health in the modest, convenient, and confident method upon users’ availabilities time and place. Ooca application pays the highest confidentiality to all users including students. Visit notes and data will be secured and will not be disclosed in any circumstances

Student can check email that can attend Wall of sharing by
Check email from the botton below > login > personnel record >use email in record to register in ooca platform
what is wall of sharing
What is Wall of Sharing?

The Wall of Sharing is an Ooca initiative to do a social good cause project for governmental university students who have limitations to access mental health services according to stigmatization, unaffordability, and unavailability. The objective of the Wall of Sharing Project is to provide 50,000 sessions for students in 2019 to make sure that these students receive proper counseling by professional psychiatrists/psychologists.

what is ooca
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What is Ooca?

Ooca is an online counseling platform providing mental health awareness and counselling by psychiatrists and psychologists through application iOS, Android and Google chrome operating systems in the fundamental of Website application

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Why is Ooca?
Ooca improves and promotes tele-medical mental health counselling
services for users’ satisfactions.
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Regardless of Venue (Anywhere and any places)

Users and students can talk to psychiatrists and psychologists at home or anywhere depending on their choices

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Highest Confidentiality

Safe from anyone to stigmatize by using online mental health counselling through video call. This method will ensure students’ confidentiality and comfort students and all users

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Time Wise

Instead of waiting for psychiatrists or psychologists at hospitals, students can choose providers at their convenient time

Video showing how to use Ooca Application
how to register
How to Register Ooca Application
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Please feel free register with your university email in advance at www.ooca.co or download Ooca application through App store and Google play

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Fill your personal data or your Nickname
(Preferred Name) before using Ooca application

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Easy Steps to Get Mental Health Counseling Service through Ooca Video Call

how to video
Easy Steps to Get Mental Health Counseling Service through Ooca Video Call

Download Ooca Application/ Website

Pick your psychiatrists/psychologists at your convenient date and time

Start a Counselling session through Ooca video call


Using Occa through Application or Website

Fill the information to register Ooca through application and website upon your preference

Choose Counselling Topics/ Issues

Choose your topic/ and issue that you would like to consult with psychiatrists/psychologists. Each provider has different specialties and expertise

Your Own Choice to Talk to Psychiatrists or Psychologists

You can make your own decision to choose providers by viewing their profiles and matching to your preference

Talk to your psychiatrists or psychologists. Through a video Call

After make an appointment, you can talk to your psychiatrists/psychologists. You can shut the video camera off if you do not want to disclose yourself

Special for only governmental university students

** To be a member (user) , please register to the application by using your official university email and your preferred password only **